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Imagine what your life would be like without the frustration of nerve problems, eyesight problem, heart attacks, weak erection and if you could throw your diabetes meds out the window with your doctor’s blessing because you won’t need them again.

My Name is Tesler Adepoju, I’m one of those unlucky individuals whose family history of diabetes is genetic.

My story, ordeal, trials, errors and eventual breakthrough to diabetes have inspired and already helped me and over 950 Men and Women reverse their Type 2 diabetes.

I am a Health Researcher and Activist. I was diagnosed of diabetes when I was 16 years old. At the time I had no idea I would one day discover a natural solution to reverse my diabetes and be completely free.

I will never forget the day I walked into the doctor’s office with high hopes that I would be given a tablet to reverse my diabetic Type 2 condition that would somehow ‘cure’ me.

​My hopes were shattered when the doctor – a tall bearded man wearing thick glasses, looked at me and told me I would have to manage my diabetes for the rest of my life. And the worst of it was yet to come. Year by year my condition got worse.

Unfortunately the doctor didn’t speak much English. But he was very helpful. He examined me and told me few reasons why I had diabetes.

He said “inflammation was the root cause of diabetes“. He said it’s the inflammation that makes the cells ignore insulin (also known as insulin resistance). He stressed, its inflammation that makes your pancreas shrivel up and die. GET SOLUTION

I sighedwhat the heck is Inflammation? 

He continued, I know i just dropped a bombshell on you, so let me tell you a bit more about downright deadly phenomenal. Have you ever stubbed your toe and it swelled up like a helium balloon? That’s inflammation at work.

The doctor told me there was nothing i could do to cure my diabetes and hence i will have to live the whole of my life in this condition. He gave me some pills to take but that, it will only manage it and NOT CURE it. CLICK TO GET REMEDY

Finally, found a Solution While on a trip to United State and I Decided to Give the Product a Try…

Back in 2013, a friend and I went on a trip to Florida, United State. That’s where I met and fell in love with my wife, Joy… I met Joy through a friend at the hotel we were staying in Nebraska. Joy and I arranged to meet for lunch at a boat.​

While going to see joy, I had an accident

​​A word of advice – don’t ever try to avoid a car in Florida. The roads in downtown Florida are crazy. The cars will swerve and avoid YOU.

When I tried to avoid a car by running sideways, it hit me. My heart shivered.

​It didn’t help that I was alone. Thankfully I was unhurt, or at least I hadn’t broken any bones. And I managed to find a helpful USA woman to walk me to the nearest doctor.

How I got the Type 2 reversal and cure meeting Jane in Florida

Whenever I hear a doctor talk about diabetes, they drone on non-stop about “diabetes treatment”, “diabetes management” and diabetes control” she said. A one time diabetic patient. She said based on the last decade of research, its clear that type 2 diabetes is a 100%. CLICK TO GET SOLUTION

She gave me a natural product which she used. I couldn’t believe what happened afterwards… barely, within 30 days of taking the supplement.

She told me to take it as administered– before and after meal, and that my type 2 diabetes would be reversed and cured over time.

My type 2 diabetes was reversed and cured considerably after 30 days of taking the natural remedy. As soon as I came back home to Nigeria.



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