Idowa: Rising town of religious harmony

The first thing I noticed in Idowa town was the serene environment. It was like entering an estate in Lagos. The roads were tarred, with beautiful buildings around.

We also saw a big mosque, a cathedral and shops appropriately positioned with some fenced. I was more than surprised to see the silence of the town in that hour of the day, only to find out that all villagers went to mosque to serve God.

I wondered that in this country; where people working for 24 hours found it difficult to put food on their table, there could be a place where people abandoned their business, closed their shops, to serve God.

The Oba of the town, Chief A.A. Shaibu, gave us the full details of the information needed and also narrated the history and origin of the town to us.

Idowa originated from Ijebu-Ode in the year 1540 where Owaotutubiosun was the first king to be crowned in Idowa, he happened to be the 13th Awujale of Ijebuland; he explained further that Ijebu-ode and Idowa are brothers that can never be separated.

The annual festival celebrated in Idowa popularly known as Erenno was a result of the journey from Ijebu-ode to Idowa by foot. Erenno festival the heavenly festival celebrated in Idowa, Erenno means Irin-ona.

The Erenno festival is said to be celebrated every March, while the preparation start eight days before the grand finale on March 25. The festival is used in praying to God and for all the villagers, native, non-native, traders, student among others. On the grand finale of the festival, all the villagers will gather at Ode-Ila, where the king will dance three times in a day. Erenno festival is the only festival celebrated in Idowa down by the first king. Idowa people are mainly Christians and Muslim who truly serve God.

Every town has their dos and donts, but the only taboo in Idowa is that a man must not seduce his neighbour’s wife, if this happens and was reported, the man will be killed.

In this peaceful and loving town, villagers are hardworking, they take their business serious and they put God first in everything. Idowa people specialise in trading and farming for living and to support the economic growth of their town. Electricity supply in Idowa was stable throughout our stay in the town.

Alase Oba of Idowa, Chief A.A Shaibu, who is an 83 years-old man and a retired police officer, said he has been the Alase Oba since 15 years and has contributed immensely to the growth of the town.


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