A plea against child abuse

Children hawking on the street

Child abuse is the deliberate denial of the rights of a child. It also includes willful exposure of a child to absurd aspects of human life like trafficking and kidnapping. Child abuse starts from pregnancy when a woman doesn’t feed properly to transfer balanced  diet to the child in its formative months.

The large number of children a couples have is another contributing factor to maltreating their children. Such couples find it difficult to provide adequate food, clothes, shelter and money to take care of their numerous children. Careless mothers sometimes expose their children to diseases and other avoidable dangers by asking their female children to hawk goods by the road side.

Vehicles have crushed unlucky children in their teen while hawking. On the other hand, such poor female children that hawk usually do so at car parks and other public places where they are sexually harassed by irresponsible  men, exposing them to diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Most children whose school fees are not paid on time are sent back home but rather than go home, they wander around and may later become school dropouts.

The school dropouts often end up as political thugs and armed robbers that are the most dangerous for the innocent people to cope with in any society. Parents, schools, churches, mosques, governments and the media are hereby enjoined to cooperate in the upbringing of the Nigerian child. Once again, a child should not be deprived of the basics in life such as nutritious foods, fine clothes, shelter, moral education and the right to life.

Idowu, Gideon



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