2019: ANN is the party to beat race for votes ― Olawepo-Hashim

Mr Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim

PRESIDENTIAL aspirant on the ticket of Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Mr Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim has declared that the party has become the party to beat in the race for votes in 2019.

Olawepo, who stated this in Abuja on the heels of the National Convention of his party held in Abuja said that the ANN was poised to lift Nigeria from the present morass.

Mr Olawepo-Hashim said that the existence of the party and its progress so far were tailored by the hand of God, adding that Nigeria as a country was on the eve of a new dawn.

According to him, the ANN has demonstrated its ability to premiere a new Nigeria through the outcome of its just-concluded national convention, where the former Interim National Chairman stepped down by endorsing the new Chairman,

“If it is the other parties, they will fight and break their head, but our National Chairman stepped down and endorsed his successor. That is the face of a new Nigeria,” he said.

He hailed the former Interim National Chairman, Dr Jay Osi Samuels for stepping down for Pastor Emmanuel Dania, adding that the conduct should be emulated by those in government.

He insisted that the ANN is the third force in the political arrangement, adding that the party will fulfil its promises to the electorate.

He said: “The GDP of Nigeria will grow seven fold. We will stop the killings in the land. We will bring Nigeria together again. The North voted for MKO Abiola and not Tofa in 1993. Benue people voted for Sir Kashim Ibrahim to go to the Northern House of Assembly. Enugu people once voted for a Kogi/Ebira person as their Mayor. Today, Nigeria is sharply divided. ANN will bring back the unity.”

Former Interim National Chairman of the party, Dr Jay Osi Samuels, who also spoke on the fortunes of the party said that the ANN would make the 2019 race a three-horse race involving the two existing parties-PDP and APC as well as the ANN.

He stated that the party has grown from the modest beginning to a formidable party, adding that it was heart-warming that out of the 21 political parties that were registered in December 2017, only ANN was making waves.

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He said: “We are fresh, strong and vibrant. It is a party of ideas; a party of youths. We do not have godfathers in ANN. It is a party of equal joined and equal members. Our godfathers will be the people of Nigeria.

“We are currently in the wilderness of the APC. ANN will take Nigeria to the promised land.”

Samuels announced he was stepping down for a new consensus chairman, Pastor Emmanuel Dania at the convention.

Another presidential aspirant on the ticket of ANN, Alhaji Dan Musa said: “Nigeria is facing challenges; no good school, no work for our children. We want a new Nigeria.”

Chairman of the National Convention Committee, Terseer Tsumba, described the exercise as the beginning of a new dawn, adding ANN, which is the party of professionals, will protect the interest of the masses.

The new National Chairman, Pastor Emmanuel Dania, an information technologist, said that the ANN was a party with a vision of a new Nigeria adding that the technicians who pioneered the party have a knowledge of how to turn the nation around.


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