Waste management: RecycleGarb partners Lead City University to sensitise students

Adebola Sobanjo, Founder/CEO of RecycleGarb

A recycling start-up company, RecycleGarb Hub Ltd, has finalised plans with Lead City University, Ibadan, to host a waste management sensitisation programme for students and other members academic community.

Adebola Sobanjo, Founder/CEO of RecycleGarb Hub Ltd, said, “We just sealed an SDG partnership deal with Lead City University and we will be organising a seminar soon in line with sensitisation of students on waste reduction and management. Lead City University is proud to be part of this.”

Giving insight into the nature of the company, the CEO said, “RecycleGarb’s vision is to be a global player in impacting nations by addressing the issues of waste while creating a socio-economic impact.

“Our mission is to reduce waste to the barest minimum by actively engaging in recycling, sensitisation on the benefit of recycling, on climate change, create value/income opportunities and steadily growing living standards of the society.”

She said RecycleGarb is out creating job openings for the educated and uneducated; awareness on environmental sustainability, improve waste management culture, and grow the economy of the state.

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Speaking on her motivation for creating a recycling start-up, Sobanjo said, “I want to do more for the country and the society. It gives me more joy when I do something for people than myself. I want to make an impact, to grow the country. I always believe in this country that something good can come out and all it takes is one individual.”

The RecycleGarb founder said there were many things waste could be converted into that people were unaware of. “Do you know you can use plastics to make roads? We can save cost and maximise resources and at the end, Nigeria can be seen as something positive and not what we have been known for.”

She said the company which began with waste paper recycling in 2013, had plans to give value to people who offered household waste products for recycling.


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