1,100 pump action guns from Turkey intercepted at Tin-Can ports

1,100 pump action guns from Turkey intercepted at Tin-Can portsOperatives of the Intelligence Unit of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), Tin-Can Island Command on Monday said it intercepted a 1by20ft container load of 1,200 pieces of pump action guns imported into the country from Turkey.

Disclosing this to journalists on Monday at the Tin-Can Island Port in Lagos, the Comptroller General of the NCS, Col. Hamid Alli (Retd) said the container with number GESU2555208 was discovered on the 6th of September, 2017 with broken seal, which raised suspicion.

According to Alli, “On the 6th of September, 2017, operatives of the NCS Intelligence Unit, while on a routine monitoring of activities at the terminals, discovered a 1by20ft container already positioned for examination despite the fact that it was not listed for that day’s examination.

“It was also observed that the seal of this unlisted container had already been cut and padlocked. The container aroused suspicion and was immediately transferred to the Enforcement Unit of the NCS.

“On investigation, it was discovered that the Bill of Laden of the container falsely indicate that the container contained wash hand basins and water closets, but thorough examination the following day revealed that the container contained the following: 600 pieces of Jojef magnum black pump action rifles; 300 pieces of Jojef magnum silver pump action rifles; 200 pieces of Jojef magnum plastic single barrels hunting pump action guns. The container was brought in by MV Bella Shuttle from Turkey.

“Importation of 1,100 rifles at a time when the nation is facing some security challenges is a clear indication that there are indeed some elements who do not believe in the unity, peace and well being of Nigerians.

“This particular seizure being the third in the series of arms seizure within 8 months of this year, all from Turkey, presents all time high of the triumph of the NCS over evil forces. Shipping companies and Terminal operators must wake up to support the Customs to nip in the bud attempts to smuggle such dangerous items into the country.

“As you may already be aware, the two previous cases of 661 pump action guns from Apapa port and 440 pump action guns from Tin-Can Command seized earlier in the year are already in court. We look forward to justice being served to deter others would-be arm smugglers.

“Already, one of our officers who was alleged to have authorised the cutting of the seal and the terminal clerk have been arrested and are currently undergoing investigation. NCS under my leadership will do all that is possible to fish out all those remotely connected to this devilish importation. We shall bring them to justice.”

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