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Nigerians must join hands to end corruption, economic recession’


TO put an end to corruption practices in the country as well as exiting economic recession, Nigerians must try as much as possible to get involved in the fight by joining hands to see an end to the two major problems ravaging the country at the moment.

This suggestion was offered by Professor O.B.C Nwolise, a political scientist and a lecturer in the department of Political Science, University of Ibadan, who was the keynote speaker/chairman at the 2017 national conference of the Faculty of Business and Communications of the Polytechnic with the theme: Corruption, Economic Recession and The Quest for Socio-Political Change in Nigeria of which its opening ceremony held at the Conference Centre, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, on Tuesday.

Nwolise said: “Our fate is in our hands. As a people we need to work together not as a divided people that we are now. We need to think, plan and act together not speaking in staccato voices and pulling in different directions.

“We need to sit down together and talk now before it is too late how we want this nation to be run and in what direction. We need a whole new constitution out of such dialogue and not the piece meal amendments by the National Assembly. We need a constitution that will make Nigeria a real democracy, federation, republic and nation; and catalyse unity, security, as well as national development and national greatness,” He posited.

While declaring the conference open, the rector of the institution, Professor Olatunde Fawole, noted that the theme of the conference is both urgent and central to the survival of the Nigerian nation.

“Massive looting of the national treasury and widespread corrupt practices have sent the once buoyant economy of the world’s sixth largest exporter of crude oil into comatose. The result is the deep economic recession that has made daily life a nightmare for most citizens especially in the last one year.”

Fawole, further stated that: “It is against this background that one sincerely hopes this conference will engender the kind of clinical academic discourse that will not only wake the economy from its deep slumber but also permanently put a stop to corruption in our land,” Fawole concluded.



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