Yoruba history was altered, Olugbo of Ugboland insists

The Olugbo of Ugboland, Oba Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan, has reiterated that the history of Yoruba race was altered by some “powerful Yoruba oligarchies” in their quest to build a common front for Yoruba unity, using the Oduduwa paradigm.

Oba Akinruntan said this at the weekend, while addressing a crowd that attended the launch of an extract he compiled, entitled: “A History of the Oldest Throne in Yorubaland”, at the Obamakin Osangangan Hall, in Ode Ugbo, Ondo State.

The monarch, who is the paramount ruler and prescribed authority in Ugboland, asserted that it was the colonial masters who rewrote the history of Yoruba nation that placed Oduduwa above Obamakin Osangangan, who, he said, founded his dynasty in Ile-Ife, which was then known as Igbomokun.

Oba Akinruntan claimed that Obamakin was fathered by Orainfe, recorded in history to be a half man and half spirit, and whose abode was the hills of Ora.

He claimed that the offsprings and siblings of Orainfe included Obalufon, Ojoyin, Alawo, Obawinrinrin, Obariyun and Owajan.

Others, according to him, were Woyeasiri, Obarena, Obalara, Lowagbafin and Baba Sigidi, asserting that the quarters of Obamakin Osangangan in Ile-Ife exists till date, where his direct descendants reside.

The Olugbo promised his audience that a comprehensive historical book was being put together by him, with the aim of putting straight the history of Yoruba nation.

Oba Akinruntan noted that there was no royal stool in Yorubaland that predates the stool of the Olugbo which he currently occupies.

“We are trying to correct the history of our race that has been turned upside down by the powers that be,” he intoned,while urging the attendees and Yoruba people to read diligently the extract he launched while patiently await the one in the mill.

Present on the occasion were traditional rulers, federal and state lawmakers, representatives of Yoruba Youth Council and a host of traditional dance groups.