Yemy TPX launches #NaijaGoSmile

Gospel music sensation, Yemi Olatunji, popularly known as Yemy tpx has launched an online campaign tagged #NaijaGoSmile, in the attempt to provide encouragement for the Nigerians with regards to the present economic situation of the country.

Following the release of his song, Naija Go Smile, which earned him the Naija Impact Award in 2014, using his music ministry, ‘The Praising Xtian (TPX),’ a ministry targeted at creating an atmosphere of worship, praise and edification in God’s presence, he went on the rebrand the song in celebration of Nigeria’s 56th Independence anniversary.

This new song which was released on the 1st of October 2016, according to Yemy, is “a divine mandate because only God truly understands our pains and from Him comes our salvation. As such, we’re calling on people to join the movement and spread the message of hope.

Speaking with R, Yemy stated that “people can join the movement for a better Nigeria by writing “#NAIJAGO SMILE” on a white sheet of paper/ cardboard, take a picture with it or with friends and upload on social media. This campaign has no political or sentimental affiliations whatsoever. It is a move by a Nigerian for a better Nigeria.”

So we are calling on everyone to join the movement. If we can come together as one, trusting God for change, better days are ahead.”