Woman disrupts husband’s engagement to another woman after he refused divorce

A woman in Ghana interrupted her husband’s secret engagement to another woman after he refused to divorce her.

The woman, a school cook in the southern Ashanti region, demanded an end to her four-year marriage after she caught her husband having an affair with “her best friend,” GhanaWeb reported.

But he refused to agree to the divorce, insisting that she could not separate what God had joined. She moved out of the former matrimonial home, claiming the marriage was abusive.

Not long afterwards, the wife discovered that her husband had started a relationship with a third woman and planned to become engaged to her despite still being married.

The wife told GhanaWeb: “[My husband] has refused to take care of our children, instead he is using the money on other women. Most of our children who have completed Senior High School are still at home and [he is] somewhere wedding another woman.”

She burst into her husband’s engagement ceremony in the small town of Nkawie to accuse him of being irresponsible  and has promised to take him “to the highest court of the land.”