We will resist invasion, militants dare FG

Aggrieved members of the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM), on Saturday, dared Federal Government on what they called a declaration of war on the Niger Delta and await the response.

The group, in a statement issued on Saturday by its spokesperson, Aldo Agbalaja, warned against the militarisation of the region.

It threatened to carry out a “full resistance,” saying the people of the region are no cowards.

The group, which has claimed responsibility for the bombing of a number of oil and gas facilities especially in the upland parts of Delta State in recent time, vowed to bring down the total daily oil output to below 500,000 through what it described as an “approaching tsunami.”

“However, we want to dare the Federal Government to attempt or fully carry out its military action against our people and see the response that will follow.

“We understand the message even beyond the uttered words and the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate is saying we are ready for his worst.

“As a matter of fact, what the Avengers did to the oil industry will be nothing to compare with the grand-plan already set by our Central Command.

“We shall bring Nigeria’s daily output quota to below 500,000. Just be ready for the approaching Tsunami,” the group threatened.