We’ll resist attempt to rubbish Tinubu —Loyalists

Members of the I Stand With Tinubu group, during the rally in support of the All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader, Senator Bola Tinubu, in Lagos, on Saturday.

A group  of young men and women, on Saturday, staged a peaceful solidarity walk in support of a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, who they believe has been sidelined by some powers within the party.

The group, I Stand with Tinubu, which organised the walk, noted that the event, which was termed “Loyalty Walk,” was necessary as there was the need to show support for Senator Tinubu, following his alleged maltreatment by forces within the APC, as evident in the ex-Lagos State governor’s recent standoff with the National chairman of the party, Chief John Oyegun.

Participants in the walk, mostly youths, converged in front of the Lagos State House of Assembly, where they mobilised for an onward march to the APC state secretariat on ACME Road, in Ogba area of Lagos.

Addressing the crowd, Lagos APC chairman, Chief Henry Ajomale said the leaders of the party would resist any attempt to rubbish the party’s national leader.

He said those trying to undermine the leadership of Tinubu in APC were not helping the country.

“When people decided to gang up against one single person who had fashioned out the progress of this country, I believe that it is touching on its future and that, I believe, cannot be allowed. The youths did the rally because they saw the injustice against the man who started the whole revolution that made Nigeria to have a change of government after 16 years of rule by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“The man that started the whole revolution is now being rubbished because of the inordinate ambition of very few members of the party. They want to destroy the party and that is why we are concerned about what is going on, because if we allow few people to truncate what we fought for, then the promise made to Nigerians would not be fulfilled,” Ajomale said.

He noted that those trying to undermine the leadership of Tinubu in APC were not helping the country, saying he would advise those that belonged to this group to “leave  Asiwaju alone and let him do what God has asked him to do for this country.”

Similarly, the deputy chairman of Lagos APC, Cardinal Omolaja Odunmbaku, said Tinubu’s supporters and political supporters would resist any gang-up against their leader.

He said the South would stand by Tinubu irrespective of the gang-up against him, because they believed in him and his leadership qualities.

Also speaking, the Convener of walk, Babatunde Afonja said Tinubu remained the leader of APC.

“We are out to show the world that Tinubu still remains the leader of Nigeria progressives. We understand what is going on and we can see clearly; therefore we can no longer bear the pain. As far as we are concerned, regardless of anything, Asiwaju still remains the leader and nobody can change our passion for Tinubu.