My weight loss is 100% natural —Destiny Amaka

On-Air Personality and Nollywood actress, Destiny Amaka, during the week opened up on the reason behind her weight loss, also stating that she achieved her slender looks using natural processes.

Amaka, who shed over 23kg of flesh within twelve months told Saturday Tribune that she has been happier and healthier as the medical challenges attached to her former weight have since been a thing of the past.

The CoolFm anchor of Cool Overnight Lounge, who is often regarded by industry mates as an epitome of an African woman because of her hip size, now looks much slimmer with newly hit 66kg weight from 89kg.

She said she would like to inspire other women with her new lifestyle programme which she embarked upon last year.

She said, “I started losing weight in May, 2015. An incident happened in my life that affected me emotionally. And for this reason, I lost my appetite. I wasn’t eating well for six weeks. People noticed and started complaining. However, I realised that my waist line was smaller and I was lighter and healthier.

“I learnt how to balance the whole thing. I am able to come out now because it is clear to me that I know how to balance it. I feel I can reach out to people who want to reduce their weights.

My weight loss has affected me in so many positive ways. One, my health is so much better. I had a knee operation in my left knee, my right knee carries the bulk of my weight. Because of my weight, my right knee began to pain me. I couldn’t wear heels for much longer, I could walk or stand for much longer too. My lower back had issues. I had a lot of personal health issues that my weight was not helping.

Speaking about her fitness program, the process of losing weight and the backlashes she has received, Amaka maintained she did not use any medication as the process was wholly natural.

“I am a bit torn because people are asking a lot of questions. People are calling and asking if I am well. I am healthier than I have ever been in my life. I am well and extremely happy. I take a lot of vegetables and proteins in my food. The weight loss is 100% natural. I don’t believe in pills. I don’t take them on normal day. I have heard of weight loss pills, but I am always afraid of the side effects. I can swear that it is  hundred percent natural”.