US presidential election results of last 20 years

A report on Tuesday in Washington gave an over view of the past five elections the U.S.

It showed that Americans in elections since 1996 have chosen a Democratic candidate on three occasions and a Republican on two.

The report noted that Democrat, Bill Clinton is re-elected in 1996 by a considerable margin, gaining 47,402,357 votes (49.24 per cent) by comparison with just 39,198,755 votes (40.71 per cent) for Republican candidate Bob Dole.

It noted that then the Electoral College vote is even more lopsided with Clinton securing 379 electors to just 159 for Dole.

Turnout is a low 49.00 per cent.

In 2000, George W Bush was elected the 43rd President although the final decision is dragged out over several weeks as the Supreme Court is called on to decide the outcome in the key state of Florida.

Bush with 50,456,002 votes secured the backing of 47.87 per cent of the electorate, less than Democratic candidate Al Gore with 50,999,897 votes and 48.38 per cent.

Nevertheless, Bush has the backing of 271 electors to 266 for Gore, while the turnout was 51.21 per cent.

Bush is re-elected in 2004 as he gained a clear majority with 62,040,610 votes (50.73 per cent) over his Democratic challenger, John Kerry with 59,028,444 (48.27 per cent) and 286 electors to Kerry’s 251.

The turnout then was 56.70 per cent.

The report stated that in 2008, Obama is elected the 44th president, becoming the first African American to hold the office.

It said the senator from Illinois garners 69,498,516 votes (52,93 per cent), against 59,948,323 (45.65 per cent) for John McCain, the Republican senator for Arizona.

The outcome gives Obama 365 electors and McCain 173. Turnout was 58.23 per cent.

In 2012 Barack Obama is re-elected, securing the backing of 332 electors.

His opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, has just 206.

It explained that Obama secured 51.06 per cent of the popular vote (65,915,795), against 47.20 per cent (60,933,504) for Romney.

It described that voter turnout as 54.87 per cent.