us honours Oguntoyes’ for creating Twins Tourism

The Nigerian twin brothers, Oguntoye Taiwo Oyedele and Oguntoye Kehinde Oladele, were celebrated in a unique way in the United States of America. The duo who were named the Most Famous Twins in Africa Tourism last year by The African Sun Times Newspaper were in America to receive the Africa Diaspora World Tourism Award as the initiators of a world creative tourism brand known as Twins Tourism and they were also celebrated by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world busiest international airport.

The Oguntoye twin brothers received 2016 African Diaspora World Tourism Awards as the “Outstanding Millennial Tourism Leaders” on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at the ceremony which was organised by African Diaspora Tourism, an online magazine exploring black culture and heritage worldwide, in association with Atlanta’s AD King Foundation, a non-profit organisation promoting peace and non-violence. Taiwo and Kehinde Oguntoye were the youngest and the first twins to receive this prestigious award which was also received by prominent figures like The President of Gambia, Sheih Professor Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh Babili Mansa, Zimbabwe Minister of Tourism, Hon. Engr. Walter Mzembi, Jamaica Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Diana McIntyre-Pike, Jamaica’s International Community Tourism pioneer, Avline Ava, President of the Mother of Humanity Project (Cameroon), Sharon Parris-Chambers, the CEO, “Let’s Do it in the Caribbean”, the  Sierra Leone Minister of Tourism, among others.

According to Kitty J. Pope, the founder and publisher of Africa Diaspora Tourism, “we received good recommendations of the Oguntoye twin brothers that prompted us to beam our searchlight on their activities from last year and we discovered uncommon outstanding passion for the tourism industry as well as various innovative and creative ideas they represent, most especially the creation of twins-tourism.  They are truly Pan -Africanists per excellent and the Oguntoye twins are well equipped with ideas that can drive the economy, empower young people and transform the African continent. Within their short stay in the United States before today’s award ceremony, they have demonstrated that they really deserve this award”.

In his remark, Dr Babs Onabanjo, the President and Chief Executive Officer of A.D. King Foundation, eulogised the Nigerian twin brothers for showing the world that there are talented and good young people in Africa who have what it takes to create a niche for economy advancement through tourism in the continent. “ I am so excited to see that the only Nigerians who made the list of awardees are young people full of innovative ideas and outstanding creativity and I must say this, Oguntoye Taiwo and Kehinde are good ambassadors of not only Nigeria, but of the entire Africa as a continent”.  He further called on other young people to emulate the virtues in the Oguntoye twin brothers who never waited for what the government could do for them but thought about what they could do for their country.