To us, dance is everything —Timeless dancers

Timeless dancers are a unique set of two female dancers who have warmed themselves into the hearts of fans, friends and audience with their marvellous dancing skills.

To them, dancing is their life and passion evidenced from the fact that they have been dancing for more than 10 years even though they are still both teens. Timeless, made up of Damilola Lowo (16years) and Victoria Ekwebelam (17years) started their own dance company in 2014.

They had earlier been part of a dance group (The Royal dancers later changed to Signet Dance Company) where they were professionally trained.

They met at the Maltina Dance All season 6 which held in Jogor centre, Ibadan where they actually competed against each other in the children’s category. They became friends that day and the rest, it is often said, is history. Damilola, fondly called Dami, is a student of Lead City Uiversity, Ibadan, studying Performing Arts while Victoria, fondly called Vicky, is a student of Pentecost University, Accra, Ghana, studying Information Technology. Contrary to what people think, the girls affirm that they are both very shy and quiet but are fierce and bold when on stage. Apart from dancing, they love playing video games, swimming and taunting one another.

They also do gymnastics, which helps them become more flexible. They are both very close to their families who have been very supportive of both their careers and always advice them regarding any and all important decisions. These talented dancers, in a short time, already have a huge fan following and have performed in major shows around the country.