An unusual LASTMA officer

Usually, there is a general air of animosity drivers have towards LASTMA officers, as many of them are often considered too dubious and unforgiving to be loved. It is even believed in some quarters that the officers deliberately set up drivers into making mistakes with a view to making money off them.

But a LASTMA officer who operates mainly at the Amara Olu area of Agindingbi seems determined to prove many bookmakers wrong in this regard, due to his attitude and commitment to traffic management. This attitude of his has therefore endeared him to a lot of commuters who consider him as not just being amiable, but of an unusual trait.

Recently,            Eko Akete spotted this same officer helping a driver whose car had broken down push the car off the road, as the vehicle was beginning to add to the already building logjam. Many people, including Eko Akete couldn’t help applauding this rare gesture, as an average LASTMA officer would have either orchestrated the ‘arrest’ of the spoilt vehicle for ‘causing traffic,’ or at best simply ignored it.