Uniqueness of Star Rise Golden Hotel, Badagry

Tourists and hospitality buyers heading for the historical town of Badagry should no longer entertain any fear of where to lay their heads or buy world standard accommodation and feeding as Star Rise Golden Hotel, located in Topa farm, Badagry has structured its services for the sole satisfaction of buyers

The 30-room-hotel which is located in a serene environment, clearly out of the maddening crowd is a perfect place for tired tourists who had explored the various historical and tourism sites in the region and needed a quiet place to lay their heads.

And in perfect understanding of the need of travellers and tourists, the management of the hotel has provided the necessary facilities to aid buyers in having the best of time in Badagry.

For the love of customers and the need to offer completely satisfying service, the hotel has moved ahead of other hotels in Badagry by installing solar panel machine in generating and supplying electricity in the day while two power generators do the night service all in order to bail itself out of erratic power supply and to ensure 24 hour power availability.

According to Remi Idris “It is no longer hospitable, if guests or tourists cannot enjoy the electronic facilities and cooling service in the hotel during the day or whenever the di strikes. The essence of going to the hotel is first of all to have access to some of the facilities which one may not ordinarily have access to in private home. Thus we have installed Solar panel machine which supplies light whenever there is break in service.”

To set the hotel apart from others in the town, Star Rise Golden Hotel is, apart from one or two hotels in Badagry, where guests have access to exceptionally fast and efficient complimentary WI fi services. “You don’t have to labour for long before the network stings your phone. For us at Star Rise Golden Hotel, we believe it is a necessity for us to provide this for our customers,” Says Idris.

He pointed out that “At Star Rise Golden Hotel, the services and attention are honed to make the guests happy, extremely satisfied, and grateful to himself for making us customers and turning each customer to our public relations and marketing managers. For US, no guest will leave here without recommending us to others. It is just a matter of having a date with us and you will be happy to tell others that there is a hotel in Badagry called Star Rise Hotel, which catrs excellently for you.”