Turning down a fan’s request for a kiss will bruise her ego —Yomi Fabiyi

Following the uproar that ensued after Nollywood actor and Producer, Yomi Fabiyi posted a very controversial photo of him kissing a fan on instagram, the actor has disclosed the reason why he could not turn down a fan’s request despite being married.

According to Fabiyi who spoke exclusively to Saturday Tribune in a phone conversation, “when you have fans, they come in different modes. There are different perspectives to whatever you see on social media. My main is to pass a message to my fans saying that I appreciate them and I was stunned that some fans will go the extra mile to appreciate you.” He also added that the fan’s request for a French kiss was a spontaneous reaction. When you find an artiste that has entertained you, touched you and inspired you, it will be difficult to turn them down. I didn’t want to bruise her ego, because it might affect her self esteem and self respect. I believe she wanted something that will linger on in her memory”

When Saturday Tribune further asked if his wife was not bothered about the picture he said “I would not do anything to deliberately hurt my home, my wife is British and she is very exposed. She knows the kind of man she married and knows what I can do and what I can’t do. So many people walked up to Michael Jackson and Beyonce and tried to kiss them many years back, even 2face and Dbaj. You have to respect your fans and without them, we celebrities  are nothing” he said.