How Trump’s presidency will benefit Nigeria

I S anybody really surprised by what is going on in global politics of recent? Western countries are now turning their backs on immigration, and as a result, there is strong anti-immigrant sentiment sweeping over the West. The influx of refugees into Europe made it possible for the world to see the limit to which a people can accept uncontrolled immigration. From Germany, to France, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Hungary, among others, anti-immigration parties are now thriving.

This was also what happened when the British people voted to leave the European Union (EU), thereby making popular the term ‘Brexit.’

In Germany, locals are now against the refugee policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel, thereby protesting against her party by voting for anti-immigration parties in regional elections. So when Donald Trump started his campaign by attacking several people, countries, religions, among others, and he was scoring high on the polls, I knew America was heading the way of Brexit.

While the campaign lasted, Trump attacked Muslims, Mexico, Africa, China, women, but all these did not bring about a loss of his popularity.

Just a week to the election, a tape was leaked when Trump claimed he could do some things to women and still get away with it. With this, many people thought his presidential ambition had evaporated, but somehow, he stayed in the race.

Now, after the election, the world is shocked that we will finally have a President Donald Trump, and questions are being asked about what actually happened in the American election when a political outsider came from nowhere to ‘snatch’ the presidency.

What happened here can be likened to what is happening in Europe at the moment; with anti-immigrant feelings spreading across Europe, and Donald Trump campaigning that he would deport 11 million undocumented workers, stop visa issuance to citizens of countries that support terrorism, among others, it was only a while before Americans revealed where they stood.

After Donald Trump’s inauguration next year, nobody really knows what is in stock for undocumented workers in the US, or even honest Muslims who will want to visit the US, or the even the several trade deals the US has with China and other countries, which the president-elect had promised to cancel.

However, I believe Trump’s presidency will be of benefit to Nigeria. On several occasions, he had accused our leaders of being corrupt, saying they only cared about siphoning money out of their country. With this, our leaders will have a second thought before mismanaging public funds placed in their care.

Trump’s reign, hopefully, will also stop brain-drain, as our professionals will stay back at home and contribute to the development of the country, instead of relocating to the United States.

  • Tajudeen Alalade,

Ilorin, Kwara State.