On Trump’s policy of ‘America first’

DURING US President-elect, Donald Trump’s campaigns, he emphasised that he would focus on ‘America first,’ meaning he will shun globalisation in favour of a more prosperous America. Unfortunately, the world is a global village now, and such policy is bound to fail. No country is an island to itself now, and the US needs other countries, as they also need the US.

We should not forget that as the ‘world’s policeman,’ the US has the moral duty to continue to fight against global terrorism. Trump should not only be concerned about stopping terrorism on American soil, but eradicating it globally. The world needs America’s super intelligence and firepower in combating global terrorism, and creating a vacuum with the ‘America first’ policy will only lead to the strengthening of terrorist organisations in the world. While I believe it is still early to say how the Trump presidency will be like, I, however, want him to think twice, as focusing only on America will have far-reaching implications around the world. Even when the news that Trump had won the election, all the major stock markets in the world crashed, so we can imagine what will happen economically, or security wise, when Trump turns the US into a ‘snail,’ while making it to coil back into its ‘shell.’

  • Yemisi Soares,

Surulere, Lagos.