Trump victory sparks angry protests across California: ‘Not my president’

People protesting the election of Donald Trump take to the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. PHOTO: LOS ANGELES TIMES

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency sparked protests early Wednesday across California, drawing crowds to city streets and college campuses.

The demonstrations reflected sadness, anger and bursts of rage. Crowds openly disavowed the president-elect and a few resorted to vandalism.

Shortly after Trump delivered a victory speech in New York, an estimated 2,000 people rallied at UCLA when two separate demonstrations merged into one, said UCLA police Sgt. Miguel Banuelos, Los Angeles Times reported.

The group marched from the UCLA campus through Westwood Village to a federal building on Wilshire Boulevard, Banuelos said. There were no arrests.

The demonstration peaked about 1 a.m., when a Trump piñata was set on fire in a trash can outside a Westwood Boulevard store.

The small blaze aside, no major incidents were reported and police said the crowd was peaceful.

N.J. Omorogieva, 19, said she was “heartbroken” by the election’s result when she spotted the crowd in Westwood while walking home.

“Of course I joined in,” she said. “To give hugs to people who were overcome by devastation.”

In Oakland, demonstrators smashed a window at the Oakland Tribune newsroom and ignited trash containers and tires, police said.

The crowd broke windows on five businesses and vandalized another, said Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson. One citation was issued but no one was arrested, she said.

Protesters also burned Trump in effigy, KNTV reported.

At UC Santa Barbara, hundreds marched near the campus, with some chanting, “Not my president. Not my president.”

One person carried a Mexican flag, according to video posted by the student newspaper, the Daily Nexus.

About 500 students marched through the La Jolla campus of UC San Diego, protesting Trump’s win and chanting his name with an expletive.

At UCLA, some students lifted their arms up while demonstrating in Westwood Village. Others chanted, “Not my president,” according to social media users who documented the scene on the ground.