He tricked me by bringing back his first wife, woman tells court •She’s a troublemaker, doesn’t love me anymore —Husband

An Ikorodu customary court in Lagos State, presided over by Mrs Abiola Omolara, has declined the withdrawal of a divorce suit instituted by Taiwo Osofuye, until he allows his wife to have access to his room.

The judge said that the court would not withdraw the case until sanity reigned in the petitioner’s house, having heard from the respondent, Adetutu.

“This case is now at the deep sea and we will only be talking of withdrawal when we get to the offshore.

“You dragged your wife to court to divorce her, thereby embarrassing her in the process, while the doors leading to your room from her’s remained under lock.

“While you seek withdrawal, you are still accusing her of disrespect and lack of love for you, while you treat another woman with care under a house two of you built.

“It is you that should be making moves to show that you love your wife and not the other way round, with what you, Osofuye, have done to Adetutu, the respondent.

“This court will decline to withdraw this case until it gets a situation report that all is well with your co-habitation as husband and wife,” the judge said.

The judge ordered that all the locked doors leading to Osofuye’s room from Adetutu’s should be opened by both parties.

She also urged the petitioner, Osofuye, to disabuse his mind that his wife had become fetish and was now using charms against him.

“Parents must realise that `what goes around comes around’ and this applies to the lessons they are passing down to their children about marriage and love.”

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that Osofuye had begun the divorce process on April 4, alleging that his wife, Adetutu, was a troublemaker and had no more love for him.

Osofuye, whose age was not stated, had also claimed that the petitioner was always fighting and that he was fed up being her husband.

But the respondent, Adetutu, told the court that the petitioner tricked her into bringing his ex-wife back into the house they built together.

“I gave him three sons after he had separated from his first wife, who only gave birth to two girls that are now grown up and married.

“My oldest son is 19 and the youngest, 13 and in all these years, we were living in peace until recently that he deceived me and brought back his first wife into our house.

“Since then, my husband has been accusing me of all things like using charms and causing trouble in the house.

“He does not give me access to him and has stopped to care for me and my sons,” she said.

The respondent told the court that she would not leave the house she supported him to build for another woman and that her estranged husband was trying to get rid of her.

The case was adjourned till August 22 for a report of settlement and possible withdrawal of the case from the court.