Treat militants as criminals, group tells Buhari

The South South Re-awakening Group has charged President Mohammadu Buhari to treat militants in the Niger Delta region as criminals for sabotaging the oil-economy of the country if they refuse to embrace peace.

The group, through its national convener, Mr. Joseph Ambakederimo, condemned the way and manner the Federal Government had been dealing with militant groups in the region, accusing Buhari of treating them with kid gloves.

He called on President Buhari to deal decisively with any militant group in the region and treat them as criminals because according to him, “the Nigerian constitution does not give anybody the right to carry arms excerpt the military.”

Mr Ambakederimo, who spoke to journalists in Warri while marking his 55th birthday, urged the Federal Government to deploy all its military might and intelligence to crush them.

This is not a time for people to be destroying property under the guise that they are being cheated.

We cannot achieve the needed peace and development by destroying our things,” he enthused,’’ he said.

The Bayelsa-born human right activist also noted that corruption thrived in the past in the country because the citizens had been docile for long.

He stressed that the only way the country could get rid of corrupt leaders was for the citizens to hold their leaders accountable.

He lamented a situation whereby Nigerians were too complacent and had allowed greedy leaders to continue to plunder the nation’s assets to their detriment, adding that there must be attitudinal change among the people.