Traditional ruler debunks artist’s historical perspective on Ikoyi-ile

The Olukoyi of Ikoyi-Ile in Oriire Local Government Area of Oyo State, Oba Yekeen Ayinla Oladipupo IV, has charged the people of the community to disregard the book written and published by a popular Yoruba  artist about Ikoyi-Ile,  saying it is not the true reflection of the community’s history.

Oba Oladipupo gave the charge while speaking to the Nigerian Tribune, on Wednesday.

The traditional ruler said the writer brought some copies to his palace and after reading through, he discovered that he (the writer) had distorted the history of Ikoyi-Ile, adding that, “I’m in best position to put the record straight.”

Oba Oladipupo said he wondered why the artist wrote that one Ojo Atoyebi once ruled in Ikoyi-Ile.

He affirmed that  Atoyebi contested the obaship throne with Siyanbola which led to the disintegration of the old Ikoyi, but Atoyebi never ruled as Olukoyi of Ikoyi-Ile.

His words: “As a result of the obaship tussle, Siyanbola with his large followers, went to settle in Ilorin, while Ojo Atoyebi went to Ijaye and others went as far as the border of Nigeria. It was the descendants of Siyanbola that later came to settle at the present-day Ikoyi-Ile.

“The writer’s account of the history of old Ikoyi-Ile, linking her to one Jegbeade, has no backing in traditonal history. The founder of old Ikoyi-Ile was Olukunmi, who performed a remarkable exploit at the beginning of the formation of the old Oyo Empire. His prowess in battle brought about the name Olukoyi, which means  “Olu nibo lo ti koyi? (Olu where did you get all these?”), coming from the Alaafin, his brother, who was referring to the prisoners of war brought by the valiant Olukunmi at the founding of old Ikoyi-Ile.

“It was Oladipo, who came from Ilorin that later established the present Ikoyi-Ile. Those who split the old Ikoyi-Ile have now settled in different places across Yoruba land.

“No indigene of Ikoyi-Ile can eat mushroom (Olu) because it is believed that whoever  eats it, is eating our forebear, Olukunmi, the founder of old  Ikoyi-Ile.

“So, this is the true story of Ikoyi-Ile, which is contrary to the one published by the artist.\