Tompolo’s aide raises alarm over threat to life

Media consultant to former militant and fugitive, Chief Government Ekpemupolo, a.k.a Tompolo, Paul Bebenimibo, has stated that he is afraid for his life having being named among alleged sponsors of rampaging militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).

Bebenimibo, in a statement made available to Nigerian Tribune in Warri on Monday, denied the involvement of his boss and himself from the activities of the NDA.

An alleged splinter group of the NDA, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA), it will be recalled, has alerted the world, labeling some high profile personalities as sponsors of the NDA in which Tompolo and Bebenimibo were included.

Bebenimibo described the allegation published in an online media outfit as baseless and nonsensical.

“I wish to advise the Nigerian government to look for better ways to resolve the Niger Delta problem, and not to continue to compound the issue by relaying on voodoo means to resolve the issue, like this particular report which could be liken as a voodoo report.

“If a people, that is the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers has claimed to part ways with the NDA, after destroying almost all the oil facilities in the Niger Delta region, and turn around to claim that they have repented and mentioned some people as sponsors and operatives of the NDA, then the government and people of this country need to know such people (RNDA) and treat them accordingly, and not the responsible Nigerians they mentioned as sponsors and operatives,” Bebenimibo stated.

He said he had briefed his lawyers to do the needful “as it seems some people are out there to kill me for what I know nothing about.”

“Presently, I am afraid of my life. I want to urge the present administration to be serious with human life as it is the primary duty of any government to provide security for the citizens.

“The use of miscreants to implicate genuine Nigerians is a dangerous trend in this country now, as such people are likely to surfer for what they do not know anything about.

“Therefore the government should investigate some of these claims seriously to avoid miscarriage of judgement,” Bebenimibo pleaded.