He told me he’s no longer in love with me —Wife

After several adjournments for the parties to resolve their differences  but without any success, a Mokola Grade ‘C’ customary court, sitting at Inalende, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the six-year-old marriage between Ayoade Titilope and her husband, Adesina Segun. According to the plaintiff, Ayoade Titilope, at the time of the court action, the marriage was yet to produce a child.

The plaintiff said that they ususally returned home late and had no time to have sexual intercourse. “Each time I showed my displeasure about his denial, he would tell me that he was tired,” she told the court.

Titilope also informed the court that in September 2010, she got appointment as a PTA teacher at the School of Science, Oyo, but that her husband, ordered her to resign or she would have to follow him to the shop first thing every morning before going to the school.

“My husband was dealing with me as if I was a servant. I had no time to cook and he also starved me of the care I deserved. He also disagreed when I suggested we employ sales girls,” she said.

When Titilope got to know that her husband was having extramarital affairs with another woman, she said she asked her husband what she had done wrongly to deserve such treatment. She said her husband simply said: “I do not love you and I want you to know.”

On that basis, Titilope told the court that she packed out of the house but Segun prevailed on her through their pastor.

In May 2012, the plaintiff told the court that her husband again came home with another lady and she said she begged him to desist from this way of life. According to her, instead of feeling remorseful, that he repeated the statement he uttered the first time she saw another woman with him.

“He told me that as long as he set his eyes on me, he hated me and he brought out a knife with which he sent me out of the house.

The following day, according to Titilope, he went to the police station to report that she stole his money and since then, he stopped asking after her.

“On February 5, 2015, I went to hear from him for the last time about our union but he said he didn’t need me anymore because he had married another woman of his choice. It was when he told me that I could take a legal action,” she told the court.

The court asked if Titilope informed Segun’s parents of his misbehaviour, she responded that she reported to his mother twice but that he was not having sex with her but she was surprised the second time when Segun’s mother told her that her son told her that he had divorced her. Titilope told the court that she later discovered that Segun’s mother did not support their marriage from the outset.

President of the court, Mr Olafenwa Ramoni, in dissolving the marriage said, “having gone through the evidence of the plaintiff, more so that the defendant has been absent deliberately since the case was brought before the court, it is evident that there is no more love between both parties. The court rules thus: The marriage between the plaintiff and the defendant, contracted about six years ago, is hereby dissolved. Both parties are hereby ordered to keep the peace, while a copy of this judgement should be served on the defendant through the court’s bailiff.”