My Tiwa Savage testimony

FLOODGATE of joy flowed through my soul reading the Instagram testimony of Tunji Balogun, music producer-husband, (yes husband and not ex) of African music dearie, Tiwa Savage. Space won’t allow for a re-production but it was something extraordinary from a man with suicide mission and a tattered marriage about a year ago.

What a turn-around for the couple who once said never-again. The Instagram post spoke to a new man, according to 2 Corinthians 5:17. The new man is a divinely-rejuvenated Tunji and not the showbiz entrepreneur TeeBliz. He praised God in an inspiring way, acknowledging His Omniscient power to reverse the irreversible and make possible the impossible in ways no man can.

When Tunji and Tiwa (what a name-combo) marriage went Bermuda last year, nearly all parties in the mess, including frenemies masquerading as allies, concluded it was over. Even Tiwa said no way for Tunji into her heart again. The mess was really messy and mesmerising. For this couple I have never met, I was as disillusioned as their genuine sympathisers. I just love them together though I had a disagreeing feeling for the Dubai wedding ceremony. Thank God Tunji also recently knocked the overt exposure and noise.

Normally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a shouting wedding. Only that in this world of desperate wickedness, where the heart of your best-man or lady, could be darker towards you, than the skin colour of the devil with tail, introduced to us growing up, you need more than material and financial capacity to be ready for a wedding ceremony that would take place in one continent and reverberate in another.

One can conveniently conclude that while the Baloguns were materially and financially ready, regardless of who had more money, they weren’t spiritually ready for the across-the-ocean joyful howl. And they paid dearly for it, with only the mercy of God, rescuing Tiwa from early widowhood.

Marriage is God’s institution and there is no way it can be ordinary. It is a deeply spiritual voyage that you can’t enter into, playing games with God. It is either you are for Him or against Him. You can’t be lukewarm. The lukewarm He says He will spit out. So, why won’t the devil destroy marriage easily? It has nothing to do with either being a celebrity or a nonentity. We also get to read divorce reports involving everyday people without known faces and names, and the quantum is distressing. Reasons for ending it all, always oscillate between perceived reality and crass madness. Some could appear so comical for many to find hilarity.

Tiwa and Tunji’s case, just like many other celebrities worldwide, was a collector’s item, not because the entertainment sector is cursed with divorce or that those therein are conjugally hopeless. After all, in the same year that TT’s dirty linen was being squeezed for all to smell on all fronts, Badagry, a division of the five in Lagos alone recorded over 30,000 divorce cases and none involved a public figure!

The lesson is that when you are a public figure, there is an extra dignity-burden. But what is devil’s business with dignity? In fact, that is what he wants to rob you off. The truth is, without the Spirit of God, guiding and teaching you, there is no dignity to protect and no capacity to so do. Educational, material and societal attainments count nothing here. Supposed brilliant minds, have been caught in incredibly stupid acts. I won’t dwell on this, not to foul the celebratory mood.

When the Holy Spirit is not helping to bridle the tongue, even men of God could go wide off the mark. There could be embarrassing false prophesies which would have to be explained away with lame predictions. Nobel Laureate, when not taught by God, could become the butt of crude jokes.

The devil loves irreparable damage because he wants to kill, steal and destroy. He has succeeded with millions in their marriage. He almost succeeded with the Baloguns. But thank God for His infinite mercies, which Mr. Balogun has generously testified to, in the enthralling Instagram post. God bless those He used to restore marital honour and dignity to the Baloguns when men said it was impossible.

It is surely a new day for the entertainment sweetheart and her home. By God’s grace, the new-found bliss would last their lifetime. Isn’t Tunji’s brand name Bliz? Surely, there is something in a name. The evidently God’s full joy in his soul would keep growing by His grace.

I hate divorce because my Father in heaven says He hates it. That night in April when the airwaves were rocking with Tiwa and Tunji’s break-up, I was beside myself with grief. Every single divorce case worries me, whether the person in the centre was a Savage or a Tamed and I always intercede for restoration. But I confess to standing in the gap in a different way for the Baloguns. Though I don’t do secular music, there is something nicely in Tiwa’s persona. I agree to the notion of different views from different angles, but majority opinion should vote Tiwa adorable.

That night I prayed with deep emotions, the way I know many others did for them, asking God to reverse the irreversible even as I watched Tiwa saying it was a goodbye and not goodnight to Tunji. I ended the prayer totally convinced My Daddy had answered. I kept a watch for the testimony I was certain would be. The first news item announcing a reconciliation about two months ago sent me to the troposphere. And this Tunji’s confirmation simply graduated me to the stratosphere. I return all glory to God.

God wanted the couple to learn certain lessons from their wilderness experience. They should hold firmly to their testimony, lessons and ultimately, God. Now, they know who marriage Foundation is and not what. By God, the testimony of the Baloguns will replicate in homes with troubles. On a lighter note, can she change her name to Tiwa Bliz?