Third force is about hijacking power, it won’t fly —PDP ex-gov aspirant

A former governorship aspirant in Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Adegbola Dominic, also speaks with BOLA BADMUS on the subject. Excerpts:


There is this talk about the formation of a third force political platform ahead of 2019 in the light of the crisis rocking the PDP now and the speculated implosion in the APC. How do you see this?

Well, I have heard various rumours and from parties that it is in the offing. But my own view about is that it will not get us anywhere. What we need now is a change of mind, a change of attitude for the political leaders. Those who say they will come from PDP, APC, from whatever platforms to form a third force, we should ask them this question: for what purpose? It is all for the purpose of grabbing power too. All they have been after is grabbing power, hijacking power. The APC did it in 2013 and where does that land us now? We have remained on the same spot, there is no progress. It is the same attitude; it is about selfish leadership to enrich themselves. That is what they will end up with again. What we actually need is a change of mind, a change of attitude on the part of our leaders. They must change from being selfish and turn to serving the genuine interest of the masses.


As someone who has heard interactions with some of these politicians from across board, PDP, APC and others, do you foresee such a thing happening?

From most of the leaders I have spoken with, serious leaders don’t really see a future in having new political outfit such as a third force now. I mean the serious ones that I have spoken with, they don’t really see a future in it because it is not really easy to come out with a new party and immediately develop a hold on the grassroots.

The APC was able to make it because the various groups were in parties that already had their roots. They were entrenched and they had their structures. The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) had solid structures in South-West, the CPC had its own in part of the North, the remnants of APGA had theirs somewhere. That was why they were able to fly. The structures were already there, but if you just have individuals coming up from various parties and trying to come together to form a new party, without the grassroots, where do you want to get the structure that will support this new outfit. It is not going to fly.

I don’t see it working and many others leaders are of the same view. I agree that there are some people who feel that that is the way out because they feel that is the only way they can grab power from those who already there now.


With the crisis in PDP now, if the party fails to hold a successful national convention next year, don’t you think some people might want to seek a new platform to realise their ambition?

Of course that is true, some people will be forced to leave the party and look for a new platform. That one is not likely to fly because you still to move round to develop roots for the new party. The best for the PDP is that whatever it is going to take, they should all come together and reach a compromise, because if people leave the PDP as a carcass, those they leave behind will not fly. The new platform they go to will not be able to fly as well. So, it is in the interest of PDP to remain as one.