Teriba turns prophet at Ori Oke Sioni’s first anniversary

Gospel singer, Lanre Teriba, stunned many people at the first year anniversary of Praise and Prayer Mountain, Oke Sioni, Ago Iwoye Road, Isara Remo, Ogun State, as he mounted the podium and started declaring prophetic messages to the people.

In what could have been taken for a Nollywood drama, the people who had come out in their number were stunned to have seen Teriba, otherwise knownn as Atorise, whom they had expected to thrill them in his usual music performance to take the programme to another dimension.

Clad in a grey Agbada, Atorise, who is the founder of the new mountain, said the preparation for the anniversary had cost him N5million, adding that “Today, a lot of people have come here today to dance because I could see that you are in the mood for dance with the way you are dressed but I am sorry to tell you that we have not come here for that today. “

He admitted to have gone astray over the years before God’s calling brought him back exactly a year ago when God told him to establish a prayer and praise mountain.

According to him, “I know a lot of people would be surprised to see me stand on this podium praying prophetically but that is where they will miss it, nobody knows  how God works. When He called me, nobody was there and I am telling you today that I am now a prophet of the living God and anything I say on this podium today will not fail to fulfill its purpose. So, in your own interest, don’t joke with every word that comes out of my mouth.”

Other popular gospel musicians such as Esther Igbekele, Dare Melody, Adegbodu twins among others were also at the mountain to support Atorise, who doubles as the Vice President (South West) Gospel Musician Association of Nigeria (GOMAN).