Syria war: Russia, US accuse each other of ceasefire violations

Russia’s Defence Ministry said Thursday the United States was not fulfilling its obligations under the Syrian ceasefire agreement, as Moscow and Washington pointed fingers at each other for violating what had appeared to be a peaceful lull in fighting.

In a statement, the Russian ministry said that United States-led “moderate opposition forces” had increased the “number of attacks on residential neighbourhoods,” claiming that at the end of the third day of the current cessation “only the Syrian army observes silence mode.”

According to CNN, the current ceasefire was called so that desperately needed humanitarian aid could be delivered.

“From the first minute Russia’s been meeting its obligations to enforce the cessation of hostilities in Syria,” the defence ministry said in the statement.

“At the same time we’re puzzled by the statements made by various representatives of the US State Department and the Pentagon about the prospects of Russia fulfilling the agreements reached on Syria.

“Moreover, it seems that the goal of Washington’s ‘verbal veil’ is the intention to hide non-compliance with its part of the obligations. First of all, on the separation of forces of ‘moderate opposition’ and terrorists.”