Style tips to hide belly fat

There is a saying that as a woman ages, the ease with which she can get the near-perfect body may become. The hips, waistline, more difficult and even the stomach are some parts of the body many women are very conscious of when picking outfits.

Apart from the fashion benefits, a flat belly may also be a sign of good health. However, not many women can boast of such.

Below are a few tips to follow to ensure that your belly fat stays hidden while you can still look stylish:


The peplum option

Peplum dresses, blouses and even skirts are always a fail-safe option for women who have some sort of belly fat. As a result of their flared nature, they provide a safe haven for hiding your protruding stomach from public view, yet still help you maintain a stylish outlook. They also help to emphasis the curve of the hips. The trick with peplum-themed outfits is that they work well for as many body sizes as possible. Interestingly, they can be made with Ankara and lace outfits, so you can wear peplum outfits to the office, for weddings, red carpet events, among others.


Go asymmetrical

Asymmetrical outfits usually come in uneven sizes and are usually free-sized. They come in various designs ranging from cropped, pleated to free. Belly fat sizes vary, but with asymmetrical tops on leggings, you can’t go wrong with coming off as flat-bellied. You can also wear them with jeggings or fitted leather pants. If you feel the need to flaunt your legs, pair them with miniskirts or shorts. As much as possible, avoid outfits that are tight across the stomach.


Skip the belt, if possible

For the obvious reason that belts wrap around the waist, for people with belly fat, try to avoid using belts or waist bands over dresses or blouses as much as possible as this will only draw attention to your stomach.


Body shapers

They have become quite popular in recent times and if used according to the rules, can provide an instant option for hiding belly fat. The important thing is to ensure that you don’t wear them for too long as they can have negative effects with regards to proper circulation and other health risks.


Don’t tuck

For many formal environments, women are required to tuck in shirts over skirts and this can be quite unflattering for people who have belly fat. As a result, avoid tucking inasmuch as possible. Instead, go for peplum blouses or shirts that still look beautiful without tucking in.


Go monochrome

To draw attention away from your stomach, rather than blend in too many colours, stick with one colour from head to toe, usually black and white. Monochrome fashion has a way of playing tricks with the eyes. Such ensemble will not only help you look slimmer, they will also flatter your overall outlook.



Tasking as it may seem, the healthiest way to lose belly fat is regular exercise. Health experts even suggest that when one exercises, belly fat is one of the easiest to lose, if sustained. You will not only be doing your body good, health-wise, you will also be providing an advantage for your body, fashion-wise,when it comes to rocking stylish outfits.