Still on gender equality

Gender inequality still remains an insurmountable obstacle in Nigeria.

A survey of demographic dividend of the Northern hemisphere in Nigeria reveals how it is normalcy for young girls swayed into marriage to  use modern contraceptives due to the resulting consequence of their early reproductive life and a denial of the chance to go through critical life transition.

At some point or the other, women have made efforts to achieve gender equality, but the core problem lies not in increasing gender equality but sustaining gender equality and this incites a revolution.

The one-time bill that would have resolved all the issues addressing gender inequality in Nigeria and have it encapsulated into one Act was defeated when the Senate President put it to vote.

It is quite a counter intention  that the outright rejection of this bill has aroused the attention of several international agencies, but progress in achieving gender equality is measured by those who delivered it and those featured in it. These changes cannot be effected until we correct some of the anomalies bordering around our culture and tripartite legal system.


Vanessa Kelechi,