Still on Donald Trump’s victory

Voting for Donald Trump is like MMM, the money-doubling financial vehicle currently taking over Nigeria and other African states. Many sensible people are doing it, but they won’t tell you. The closet racists were not captured in the opinion polls, and that’s why they failed to reflect the true wishes of the majority. But most especially, the media portrayed Trump as a racist and sexist, while trying to drown his message. Once you got past what the media was saying about Trump, you will know that he had better credentials and plans for the country than his democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Let’s look at Trump again – He is a self-made billionaire. Try making $100,000, and you will realise the amount of work and creativity Trump must have put in to becoming a billionaire. Show me a rich man and I will show you a hardworking, intelligent and focused man (politicians excluded). I read about Trump and I found his principles to life quite endearing. He attended Wharton (the best business school in the world). He has woken up everyday at 5.30am to start his day for the last 40 years. He lives inside  his office (Trump Towers). These mundane things say a lot about his personality and character, which is not immediately visible to the public. Compare to Hillary who only came to prominence because she is the wife of an ex-president. Hillary has never created wealth in her personal endeavour. Hillary does not employ thousands of people. Had she not been the wife of Bill Clinton, she probably would have remained a big time lawyer in small rural Arkansas. A big fish in a small pond. And before I am attacked by the ultra feminists, this has nothing to do with the “My wife belongs to the kitchen” mantra, but what I am saying here is that Hillary is best known for being the wife of Bill Clinton and not as the junior Senator from New York.

Now let us look at some of Trump’s policies that swayed the elections to him :

First, Trump is against the trade agreement that empowers China and Mexico and takes away jobs in the rust belt region of America. Hillary was in support of this trade agreement. Is it then surprising that Trump won all the rust belt states?

Secondly, uncontrolled immigration is not good for anyone, including immigrants. Sooner than later, the host population become hostile to all immigrants if immigration is not controlled. Trump was for controlled immigration, and Hillary is against it.

Third, big governments come with more regulations, higher taxes for the rich, less disposable income for the rich and invariably, has a huge detrimental effect on the poor, who depend on the rich to pay for the services they offer; services like gardening  and cleaning. As a businessman, Trump was for smaller governments unlike Hillary, who supported big government involvement in all aspects of life, including the so-called Obamacare.

Four, Trump campaigned as a loner, unlike Hillary who would have come into government with baggage. Just last year, she made $65 million from speeches to banks and the very rich, and this fact was not lost on the voters.

Fifth, racism, like nepotism, is born out of self preservation. That’s why as much as I will like to be governor of Oyo State, I know it will not be possible because I am from Benue State. First, America elected a black president from Kenya, and next, the Hispanics were trying to foist their candidate on the majority White race. It nearly happened in Lagos when the Igbo came out to vote enmasse for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and it took the Oba of Lagos to come out to rally Yorubas to back the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Akinwumi Ambode to eventually clinch the governorship. If we didn’t see anything wrong in that, then how can we be complaining about the same thing happening in America, a country that is not actually ours. Anyone mourning the election of Trump and calling it the action of racists has an exaggerated sense of entitlement. They had better wake up and smell the coffee, and if that is hard to do, they can always check out of America. Congratulation President-elect Donald Trump.


  • Dr Abounu is a UK based Consultant Psychiatrist and the CEO of The Hampton Group.