Staying fashionable in recession

With the economic recession in the country, most Nigerians have drastically cut down on their fashion spendings and are now quite prudent with their retail therapy sessions.

If you are a fashion enthusiast who loves splurging on designer clothes but having difficulties parting with your money, STYLE has news for you; staying fashionable in recession is not difficult! How? You might ask, instead of settling for Akube (cheap fairly used clothes), all you have to do is be a smart shopper. Below are few tips on how to be a smart shopper during recession:

  • Deposit, instead of paying in full: While there are many different strategies that you can use to keep your wardrobe versatile, fashionable and current, one of the easiest ways is to avoid paying in full price for your clothing or accessory. If a certain item costs N10, 000, instead of paying in full, which might leave a deep hole in your pocket, why not deposit an amount for it and pay the balance later?
  • Target clearance sales period: Many fashionistas have taken to buying their clothes at lower-cost clothing stores amid the recession. Most of the clothing store owners suffer low patronage and have resorted to wooing customers with certain percentage slash. Online clothing websites and boutique owners are always doing clearance sales, with some giving as high as 70 per cent discount.
  • Bargain hunting: When a fashion sales representative gives you a price for a certain clothing item, don’t be shy to bargain for it! Most of these clothes sellers are struggling and cutting prices in response to low patronage.