Southland to set new standard for hotels in Ibadan

The service of welcoming, receiving, hosting or entertaining guests in the hotel business in developed countries is a key factor in sustaining customers’ confidence in the hospitality industry.

Again, 21st century hotel, has gone beyond the contemporary offers to something more trendy, standard and leisure friendly

Those unique qualities cannot be ruled out for anyone wanting to invest in the hotel business, and to boost patronages, one must follow a model.

This is the trend adopted by Otunba Olayiwola Fadairo, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Southland Concept Hotel and Suites, who is bringing an uncommon hospitality experience to the people of Ibadan with the sighting of SouthLand at the Oba Adetokun Road, off Ologuneru, Ibadan.

The new entrant to the hospitality sector of Oyo State is accessible and exclusive in all ramification as it displays a range of boutique services.

Southland Hotel has 39 well apportioned service accommodation, leisure zones, fitness and conference facilities that create an ambience to merge work and play in one environment without conflict of interest.

Speaking on why he decided to go into hotel business, Fadairo explained, “I am a versatile traveller and when it comes to good hotel, I know one when I see it. And what actually prompted me to embark on SouthLand came up when I visited a certain hotel in Durban, South Africa for  Lion’s Congress, five years ago.

The hotel, Durban International Hotel was a model I saw and fell in love with the state-of-the-art facilities, beautifications and aesthetics.

“And right there, I said to myself, I will do something close to it, if not replica for people at home to enjoy.

According to Fadairo, “Southland Concept Hotel and Suites which is set for opening in first week in August is bringing hotel innovation and comfort to Oyo State.

“I have travelled wide and near, and I have patronised different international hotels during my trips to over 20 countries; from Asia, Africa, Europe and beyond. And the drive to give the best will continue to push us to attract our intending customers with newer offerings that are pocket-friendly and service driven.