Southern Christians to North: Election of Ayokunle as CAN president credible

THE Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the 17 Southern States, on Sunday, faulted a Northern-based cleric over his claims that the election of the new CAN President, Reverend Sampson Supo Ayokunle, was characterised with irregularity.

Secretary of CAN in the Southern region, Dr Joseph Ajujungwa, who stated this in a statement, maintained that there was no crisis in the Christian body.

“I read with great disappointment the interview granted by one Reverend Maina Joshua, who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the Northern CAN (19 Northern states), which I know is a great fallacy and falsehood personified,” he said.

He urged Nigerians “to be aware that the interview was a big deception and that no man should listen to him, as this is to mislead them.”

While justifying the election, Ajujungwa stated that “CAN is not built on regions, zones, states or ethnicity; CAN is built on blocs – CSN, CCN, CPFN/PFN, OAIC and TEKAN/ECWA.

“The constitution of CAN does not say presidency should rotate between North and South. For Rev. Joshua Maima to be saying this to the world is a dangerous sign of his height of ignorance of what CAN is.

“Let me state here that no chairman, region, zone or bloc was marginalised during the just concluded transition of CAN and he never revolted that any chairman or region was asked not to vote or participate in the election.”

“Let people be aware, anyone that did not participate did that willingly or was not around to vote or participate. Therefore, it is not correct to call people names for any personal interest, especially our leader – Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor who has done well for the church in the North in particular and to the Nigerians as a whole. We must learn not to use our selfish interest to destroy the church or the leaders for any reason.

“The southern CAN and the leaders are not happy to be reading nonsense articles from disgruntled persons who have been paid to discredit our sacred body which our fathers have done much to uphold its tenets and prospects.

“All the leaders that have ruled CAN were elected from their church groups and we know that very soon it will go round to all other blocs who have not tested the highly elevated office of president of CAN.”

He further stated that instead of TEKAN/ECWA to join forces together with OAIC to get the position, they started a fight that favoured CCN to take it.

“We all know that no one bloc can clique the position all alone without others working with you. Let us be sincere to ourselves, let us tell the truth to the public as leaders who know CANN constitution. This politics of calumny should stop.”

“Finally, we call on all Christians to pray for Nigeria and the Government of President Buhari that God will help him to succeed, and to do the right thing,” he said.