She’s planning to take my pregnancy to another man —Husband

A middle-aged man and resident of Bukola village in Moro Local Government area of Kwara state, Garuba Olatunji, has alleged that his ex-wife, Falilat, is planning to take “his” pregnancy to another man.

He told the court that Falialt left his house with his pregnancy and denied him the ownership of the pregnancy.

The parties had been divorced by the court on an order of dissolution of marriage recently in an action instituted by the defendant (Falilat).

According to him,”I know the defendant. We were divorced in this court recently consequent upon an order of dissolution which effected the cessation of the marital union between me and the defendant following a divorce petition commenced by her some couple of weeks ago.

“My agitation now is that she told me that she was pregnant shortly before the cause of action of divorce arose. And now that she has left my house, I do not want her to give my pregnancy to another man. I told her that I want my baby. She denied having any pregnancy for me at all. I want this court to unravel the mystery and recover my yet unborn baby for me,” he said.

Responding, Falilat denied being pregnant for the plaintiff.

She told the court: “I knew the plaintiff to be my former husband. It is true that our marriage was dissolved by this court. But sincerely speaking, I was not pregnant for him before I left his house. I did not run away with his pregnancy. I am sure I am not even having any conception now.”

The judge, Suleiman Adams, however, ordered Falilat to undergo pregnancy test to unravel the truth about the matter.

“I think at this moment, you people need to be guided lest you waste the court’s time unduly. Prolonging issues by claims and disclaims through mere personal testimonies of the parties or their witnesses when a medical report of pregnancy test could be employed to ascertain the veracity of the claims or disclaims of the shrouded pregnancy is uncalled for at this point in time.

“I, therefore, order that the defendant be taken to the state specialist hospital, Alagbado in Ilorin for pregnancy test and to produce before the court the report of the test while the plaintiff takes care of the responsibility of payment of the medical bill.” The judge then adjourned the case to a later date”.