Senate reintroduces gender equality bill

THE Senate, on Thursday, reintroduced the gender equality bill rejected six months ago.

The lawmakers had shut down the bill introduced by Senator Biodun Olujinmi on account of some objections.

But Senator Olujinmi, on Thursday, reintroduced another version of the bill, which scaled second reading.

The first bill had been shut down on account of provisions which purported to grant equal rights to men and women in marriages, divorce, property ownership and inheritance, but the new bill modified some portions to accommodate cultural concerns.

The new bill seeks to address discrimination against women and protect them from violence and sexual abuse.

While presenting the new bill on Thursday, Senator Olujinmi said the bill sought to give effect to provisions in chapters II and IV of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), adding that the new bill emphasised fundamental objectives and directives principles of state policy as well as the fundamental rights, including the right to life, right to dignity of human person, right to personal liberty, right to fair hearing and right to freedom from discrimination.