Saturated Hip-Hop genre, reason for neglect of Rock music

A popular Nigerian Rock Star, Zainab Sule has adduced the neglect of Rock music in the country to the intense widespread of of hip hop songs.

The Rock Star said that Nigerians are not looking towards the path of rock music because of the intense widespread and saturation of Hip Hop songs in the country.

“Nigerians are neglecting Rock music because they love to dance tu-tu-ke-tu which is HiP Hop oriented, and hence there is need for me to diversify the music industry by taking Nigerians on a different genre of music”.

Zainab expressed optimism that the diversification process would be effective by organizing events where precisely rock music dictates the tune.

“I hope that shows like Zainab Sule Show will bring exposure because people come out and check it out and get to chill in to buy and listen to the music”.

She also said that her album was supposed to be released this year but changed due to timing.