Ruth Kadiri speaks on controversial photo

Popular Nollywood actress and producer, Ruth Kadiri  caused a stir during the week as she tried to promote a scene from one of her movies.

The actress who posted a picture of herself and another actor lying in bed with a wrapper and unshaved armpits caused an uproar as many fans were confused on what she was trying to do.

While some fans vieived  her armpit negatively, others described it as armpits of life, bushy room among other names.

Saturday Tribune reached out to the actress who revealed “The hair in my armpit was artificial, it was a scene from my movie entitled ‘trouble comes to town’ and I was surprised at the reactions I got from fans. I expected everyone to know that it was a promotion for the movie. In fact , I am having a press conference for the movie and I will invite you to it” she said.