Rita Dominic creates digital journal for millions of fans at TIFF •Receives rave reviews from foreign press

Star actress, Rita Dominic is currently at the Toronto International Film Festival for screening and a media tour of the Nigerian movie ’76 in which she stars alongside Ramsey Nouah. The actress who has explored a new form of engagement with over 3million fans using the Facebook live option with which she sends regular video updates from her events and appearances. Each of her videos reach millions of people within 24 hours.  Additionally, Dominic has also teamed up with popular website Bella Naija, where she sends exclusive updates and behind the scenes sneak peeks to all her activities at the festival.

According to her, “After meeting with Mark Zuckerberg and his team recently, I realised that there are so many ways to deepen the connection I have with the millions of people who follow me online and constantly show me love” she said. “It has been exciting sharing everything at TIFF from all the media tours to the movie premieres and red carpet events.” She added.

The actress has also been receiving rave reviews for her stellar performance in the movie ’76. A report from  Canada’s biggest newspaper the Globe and Mail read, ‘Rita Dominic is one of Nollywood’s queens, appearing in 157 films – including a staggering 37 movies in 2006 alone.”Now, Toronto describes her character as ‘the pregnant rock’ in Ramsey Nouah’s corner while Hollywood News describes her performance alongside co-star Ramsey Nouah as “natural performers full of morality with commitment to their situation.” For Steven Mayne of Flick Feast, “Dominic does an excellent job at working her character up into a lather without hyperbolic emoting.”