Restructuring of Nigeria inevitable —Civil society group

A Civil  Society group in the country has stressed that restructuring of the country is inevitable, saying  that it is  the only solution to the plethora of problems facing it   currently.

The Coalition of Civil Societies Movement for Good Governance in the country  said  that government could no longer handle the situation , adding that the only way out is the restructuring of the country.

The national coordinator of the group, Mr Ajibade Oyayeye, told newsmen in Abuja, at the week end, that if Chief Obafemi Awolowo had been  alive, he would  have given  the needed  support towards restructuring of the country, adding that all his policies in the South West  were to achieve this political ideology.

Oyayeye  urged  the  current  administration in the country to talk to the people believing that government should not take decision on how the country would be run without consulting them.

He  said  that though the government is trying its best, the most important thing to the common man is how    to live a meaningful life.

“Nigerians embrace the change mantra immediately because they thought  it  could change their lives but  currently, things are not normal.  The government is waging war  against corruption, that is good but there are other things to be looked into. Fighting corruption alone   would not put food on the table  of a common man

“There are many things which are begging for attention like the economy. There is the  urgent need to look for professionals that could  adequately take care of the economy.”