Residents lament offensive odour, flies, rodents from abattoir in Lagos community

Residents of Bammeke area of Shasha, in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State, have appealed to Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to save then from imminent outbreak of epidemic.

They made the call in view of the stench oozing out of an illegal abattoir located within the Air Force Base, which has continued to exist like a keg of gunpowder waiting to explode with serious health and environmental implications.

The people had, before now,  cried out over the foul odour coming out of the abattoir which had been traced to decaying blood of  slaughtered cows which was not properly disposed of by butchers.

The stench, which had  been made worsened by the rainy season, has made life unbearable for residents, many of who now go about covering their noses with handkerchiefs to avoid inhaling the odour.

Cosequently, a cold war is brewing between residents and the Air Force Base which houses the abattoir.

The residents, who spoke under condition of annonymity for fear of being harassed by the uniformed men,  accused the barracks of endangering the lives of  residents through the abattoir.

According to information gathered, many children within the community have suffered health hazards in view of the offensive odour they regularly inhale.

Besides, it has almost become impossible for residents to eat, relax or unwind publicly within the vicinity.

Aside the rains, the situation has been further complicated following the hordes of flies and rodents attracted to the area by the stench.

The location of the abattoir within a residential area contradicts the Lagos State government rule on the siting of abattoir.

The Lagos State government had earlier in February, complained about illegal abattoirs in the state.

The government had particularly faulted the location of abattoirs within military cantonments and barracks where veterinary officers are denied access.

The areas mostly affected by the abattoir include Sokunbi Street, Ikire Street, Church Street and part of Oguntade Street all in Bammeke.

The residents are, therefore, calling on the state government to rescue them from the offensive odour which, they said, is making the area near uninhabitable.