Renewed WAI should emphasise democratic principles —Osun lawmaker

A lawmaker representing Obokun constituency in the Osun State House of Assembly, Mr  Olatunbosun Oyintiloye, on Friday described the relaunch of the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) by the Federal Government as a welcome development that would address fundamental issues of attitude, character and manners of Nigerians.

The lawmaker, while expressing delight that the decision of the Federal Government was a response to his clamour on August 1, 2015 at a forum and that of other Nigerians, pointed out that the reawakening of the war should be done with high sense of caution, so that it would not be tainted with toga of military mentality.

While making the submission at the orientation camping exercise of the Sheriff Guard of Nigeria, Obokun Local Government branch in Ibokun, Oyintiloye said the war should be waged against indiscipline to restore civility that democratic settings place emphasis on.

He averred that the handlers, especially National Orientation Agency ( NOA), should be intellectual in its approach and be civil in its comportment, adding  that “it must be done with consciousness of human rights, courtesy and community service. We must do it in a cultured way in line with African tradition.”

While lamenting that corruption, which has pervaded all sphere of lives in the country has its taproot in attitudinal defect and behavioral indiscipline, Oyintiloye said “policies and actions of government should address fundamental issues of attitude, character and manners, afterwards, you strengthen institutions of governments”

To achieve this objective, the legislator called on the federal government to re-orientate all enforcement institutions on how to conduct WAI without impugning on the right of the masses or insult democratic sensibilities.

According to Oyintiloye,  “respect for human dignity is the center point of civilization, and that democratic norms is in tandem with conduct of morality and discipline. No society can achieve any significant development if the people live without any form of discipline, hence, we must all be ready to compromise our usual comfort zones and give up some bad habit in the interest of national development”.