When Relume foundation provided succour for Ogun residents

Ibara-Orile, a sleepy and purely agrarian community, in Abeokuta North Local Government Area of Ogun State, came alive few days ago when a faith-based organisation, Relume Foundation, gave back to residents of the community.

The turnout of people  was massive. It was the third edition in the series of caring for the people, especially the less-privileged in the society. The beneficiaries of the various programmes packaged by the Foundation for the people cut across all age-range.

Pregnant women, babies, school children, adults were all part of the two-day programme; they all participated without paying for all the services provided by the foundation.

According to the minds behind the foundation, Sunday and Sherri Adeosun, the mission was to bring light and hope to impoverished regions especially in Africa, America and the world at large.

They said meeting the basic needs of shelter ,food ,health and education of the people is the ultimate desire of the foundation with the hope of giving hope to the hopeless.

The couple said the foundation also focuses on health awareness, provision of school supplies to children and sharing the word of God with the people.

Mr and Mrs Adeosun also stated that the foundation was working in conjunction with a church based in Lagos, Household of God under the leadership of Pastor Chris Okotie.

Equally speaking,  Natasha Ferguson, who is the secretary and treasurer of the foundation, said the project is about assisting the people who are less-privileged and also by drawing them closer to God.

Some of the beneficiaries could not hide their joy over the gesture, as they appreciated the initiators of the foundation for giving back to the society that made them.

For 60-year-old Mr. Okeowo Mumuni, the programme was timely considering the present economic realities in the country. He stated that not many people can afford to visit medical centers for check-up now when the resources are scarce.

He said he was examined by medical experts and given drugs that would last him for a month, at no cost.

“This initiative must be commended. Only a few of our people who made it in a foreign land will return home and give to the people. These ones have done so out of what God has blessed them with. I was carefully examined at all stages and was given drugs without collecting money from me. This is laudable,” he added.

Similarly, Mr. Azeez Adegbite and Madam Felicia Akinyele could equally not hide their joy on the development. They said they got to know about the free medical programme from the people.The duo described the programme as a good one.

Mrs. Akinyele said, “This programme is the third edition in the series. These people were at Ilewo and and Ibara-Orile in 2014 and 2015. This year’s edition is not an exception. We are grateful to these people for assisting us. I complained about my eye problem. Different kinds of test were carried out on me and at the end of the day, I was given eye glasses free.”

Asked on how they source funds to carry out the programme, the initiators said they

pulled all their resources together to give back to the needy and also appreciated the Household of God for lending a helping hand.