Relief as Onitsha residents welcome medical services

A group of medical workers from pain-killer company, Dexa Medica, on Tuesday visited the Obiano Park in Onitsha, Anambra State offering free medical services to residents.

The team which comprised experts in ophthalmology, otolaryngology and general physicians, provided a range of health services including eye, ear, nose, general body check-up as well as donation of prescribed drugs and eyeglasses to market users and residents.

The event tagged “Pain Free Day” attracted hundreds of market men and women, who came from over six markets serviced by the Park including New Auto Spare Parts, Nkpor Main Market, New Tyre, Old Parts.

The initiative also provided local dwellers with tips on how to manage stress and maintain good health.

An officer of the company in Anambra State, Mr. Uche Aghado, who spoke to Nigerian Tribune about the programme, said the initiative was aimed at “driving the consciousness of good health to communities.”

He said, “We observed that people need to be equipped with necessary information and better solutions for body pains most especially in times like this, where people work much more than they observe rest”.

“Most people are constantly engaging in strenuous tasks that either cause general body break down or body pains.

We use this programme to educate market users on how to manage stress-related illnesses”.

Aghado also said the Pain Free Day campaign, which has been activated in the Northern and Western regions of the country will reach many more states in the Eastern region, especially to those bereft of health care facilities and attention.