Reduce our pains, hardship, Bishop tells Buhari

BISHOP of the Diocese of Akure Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Right Reverend Simeon Borokini, has called on  President Muhammadu Buhari to take urgent action towards reducing the pains and agonies brought upon the masses through the measures introduced by his administration to fight corruption.

Borokini stated this in Iju, Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State, during his 2016 charge delivered at the first session of the 12th synod at St. Stephen’s Church, Iju, with the title: “Stewardship.”

The bishop said:  “There is no doubt that most Nigerians are passing through tough times, enduring much pain and suffering and even a lot of indignities like lack of electricity in their homes.

“There are other grave worries as well, namely: joblessness or non-availability of jobs; high poverty and hunger, especially in an economy that is largely comatose.”

He stated that the masses were passing through a difficult period, noting that the recent hike in the prices of petroleum products had overbearing and negative multiplier effects on the people’s livelihood.

He said: “The hike is being seen, understandably, in some quarters as an unkind cut from a government that professes a progressive agenda.”

He also lamented the security challenges and the menace of herdsmen.

“The increasing militancy of what we all thought were the simple nomadic herdsmen is becoming too sophisticated as it has assumed a new dimension and raised more suspicions of a hidden agenda being played out,” he added.

The bishop, who said that the present administration was making frantic efforts to salvage the  situation, noted that the Federal Government was not sensitive enough to the plight of the people.

He said: “It is not that the present government has not done anything to tackle the challenges but it appears confused, as it commits to decisions that are either too late or too little to make any positive impact. And many Nigerians are unhappy.”

He commended the efforts of the anti-graft and corruption agencies, saying that they  “are invading the loot of once sacred cows to recover the loot that should have made the lot of this country better. But we must see justice being done beyond just verbalisation and news headlines.”

Borokini lauded Governor Olusegun Mimiko for his programmes in the health sector, education, beautification of rural and urban areas and urged the people to elect a God-fearing successor in the coming governorship poll in the state.

“We appeal that electioneering be carried out in peace and with respect for other political opponents. This will encourage the electorate to come out to vote for the people of their choice. We appeal to all to come out and vote so that we may elect the right persons into governance. Parents should also ask their children to refrain from being used as political thugs.”

He called on politicians at all levels of government to make the interest of the people foremost in their agenda and formulate policies that will better the lives of the people, especially the piled up salary arrears owed its workers across the nation.