Recession: Re-order your priorities, explore new horizons, cleric charges Nigerians

As the effects of the economic recession bites harder,  Nigerians have been charged to re-order their priorities and explore new horizons.

Reverend Father Stephen Ilesanmi, the parish priest of St. Nicholas Catholic Cathedral, Otan-Ayegbaju, Osun State, gave this admonition in his message at the 2016 adult harvest of the church.

According to him, the current economic recession in the country should be a means for Nigerians to re-order their priorities, look inwards and challenge themselves to explore new horizons.

“The current harsh economic climate should change our ways of thinking and drive us to do more for our country by being part of the solution rather than the problem. And while doing these, Nigerians must always remember that a heart that is full of gratitude to God at all times will be at rest and get more from God,” Ilesanmi remarked.

While tasking the congregation to imbibe the spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude to God no matter the situation they found themselves, he contended that satan could be defeated easily by taking him out of his territory when Nigerians showed gratitude to God all the time.

“If care is not taken, when you concentrate so much on the problems of daily life, you may fall into the snare of satan who always wants believers to be sorrowful and full of complaints. We need to be careful not to make grumbling and asking for favours from God a daily pastime without gratitude to our heavenly Father. The Bible says we should let our thanksgiving be more than our request before God.

“As a church of God, what is of utmost importance to us is the salvation of the soul of our members, not the money they bring to church. And that should be the attitude of all men of God in this end time. As Christians, we all need to individually work out our salvation by using all that God has blessed us with to serve creator and humanity,” the cleric asserted.