Recession: Nigerians will praise Buhari soon —Prophet Ayenbumose

Prophet Olu Adekola, popularly referred to as Ayenbumose, is the founder of Holy Michael C&S Church, Alakia, Isebo, Ibadan, Oyo State. The cleric, renowned for his fierce prophetic messages, speaks with SEGUN ADEBAYO. Excerpts:


What do you make of the current situation in the country; is there any hope for the people?

I can tell you that there is hope for Nigeria. The case of Nigerians is just like that of the people of Israel in Egypt that did not listen to the voice of God and paid dearly for their disobedience. Let Nigerians return to God and see the fortune of the country turnaround. The economic situation will begin to change for good, when the people give their hearts to God. The people walked aimlessly for several years because they didn’t put God first in their journey.

Let me say this again that Nigerians will rejoice after recession. They will praise President Muhammadu Buhari, for taking some of the steps he took before now. The results are beginning to come out in a way or two, but it will take time. Nigerians should continue to pray for the man and by doing so, he would be strong enough to fulfill the promises he made to them. The fact is that none of them at the top is a saint but, God knows how to use the few good ones among them to bring out positive results. There are many people who have been saying all manner of things in the media; some said he would not come back from London where he had gone to have himself examined medically. The man is back to work now and he will continue from where he stopped. I strongly believe that Nigerians will come out of this economic turmoil a better people.


Many church owners have raised concerns about the poor condition of the economy, which they claim has affected attendance of members and even offerings. How are you coping?

My ministry is like Goshen in Egypt. The Bible says in the book of Psalms that ‘the young lion do lack and suffer hunger but those that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.’ We thank God for being good to us in this challenging period. We can’t say that we have not had our low moments and we still do, but God has been kind to us. God has His way of taking care of His people, no matter the condition. I don’t belong to the class of people who constantly complain about a situation; I am of the opinion that one should use every bad situation to his advantage. Prayer is the key. People should learn how to pray their way out of troubling moments. To the glory of God, we have been fine in recession. We have been sustaining the church because the Bible says ‘they that they that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed but abide forever.’


Has God revealed anything to you about Nigeria for the rest of 2017?

This year will be great for those that choose to stay on the side of God. It is a year of judgment for those who have subjected the people to untold hardship because of their selfish interests. God will visit their households with fury that they would not be able to contain. Don’t be surprised when you start hearing that some people are imploring God for mercy over what they have done to the people over the years. The year 2017 will be an unforgettable one for Nigerians.